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 Corrupted Isle

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PostSubject: Corrupted Isle   Corrupted Isle Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2007 7:50 am


The Corrupted isle is a somewhat square shape. The guild halls are in the upper left hand and lower right hand corners. The rear gates are fairly close together in the upper right hand corner and the flag stand is in the lower left.


- Otherworldly theme, looks like Kourna being partly corrupted by the Realm of Torment
- A large, glowing statue of Abaddon's face.


Both teams start with several NPCs.


At the rear of the map a short distance connects the two bases. Split squads can capitalize on unprepared teams and quickly eliminate the NPCs stationed there and even deeper inside the base. Proper positioning on this path during infiltration allows players to avoid Pin Down attacks from Archers. In the front area, teams can capture the flag stand and force a Morale Boost by body-blocking the narrow route to the flag stand and preventing a recapture.

Corrupted Isle

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Corrupted Isle Corruptedislegk0
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Corrupted Isle
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