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 Isle of Solitude

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PostSubject: Isle of Solitude   Isle of Solitude Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2007 7:05 am


The map is setup as large and open. There are stairs that lead from both teams' Guild Lords that stop high above the ground. In addition, both guild lords have a one way teleporter that will take you directly from the guild lord area to a small hill outside of the base. There is also one set of stairs per base that lead from the Guild Lord Areas to the main gates. The bases are cramped and small as compared to other Guild Halls. The stairs leading to the main gates can become choke points, allowing the Bodyguard to use firestorm and Maelstrom attacks very effectively. The opposite direction from the Guild Lord will lead to the backgate which on one side is a magic carpet bridge, while the other base has a standard bridge. The path to reach the enemy gate consists of going over the two bridges, as well as a path way that leads past both of the warp points. In addition, in the middle of the path that connects the two bridges is a slope that leans down to the main area. The area outside of the bases contains the standard NPCs, footmen and archers. Both of the main gates lie opposite of each other, with the flag stand of to the side on top of a larger hill that can only be reached by running around to the opposite side of the main gates. Then, capping the stand requires you to run around a small pole that blocks the flagstand.


- One Way Teleporters that lead away from both teams' guild lords.
- Bridges that connect the back entrances of the two bases together.
- The Flag Stand sits on top of a knoll, with the flag stand being behind a small post.
- Looks like Vabbi.


Both teams start with several NPCs.


Despite an open central battlefield, Isle of Solitude gives split teams an advantage. One-way teleporters in each base provide quick access to the enemy's side gate, which lies out of Compass range of the flag stand area. If you infiltrate the enemy base, the teleporters offer a handy escape route should the enemy return to deal with you. Of course, this leaves the Guild Thief alone and vulnerable at the back gate. Constricted passageways behind each back door make body-blocking easy, so plan retreats carefully. The narrow path around and into the flag stand area favors those with good body-blocking techniques. The walls around the flag stand make it easy for flag runners to get trapped. To address this danger, runners should hug the walls so their Monks can heal them from the other side.

Isle of Solitude

Isle of Solitude Isleofsolitudejw5

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Isle of Solitude
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