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 Isle of Wurms

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The bases are at the east and west ends of the map. Between them is a large, open area containing the flag stand. The flag stand itself is on a small rise at the north center. Both front gates open into this area. There is another small open area in front of either rear gate, with a path connecting them on the southern edge of the map. In the middle of the path is the health shrine.


- The health shrine is an Alliance Battle-type shrine. When captured, the holding team will have +120 maximum health.
- Looks like Bone Palace


Both teams start with several NPCs.


This guild hall is primarily used for GvG builds that have ganks. The other key point on the field besides the flag stand is the health shrine. That 120 bonus is extremely helpful in both fighting the effects of any death penalty and making it easier to win overall.
This map can be bad for spike builds if the opposing team captures the health shrine, making it difficult to spike down players.
The thief counts as a member of your team so try to have it with you while capturing the health shrine.
At Victory or Death, some archers will stand south of the flag stand on lower ground. While they can't fire up to the flag stand on the higher ground, they prevent free passage between the bases' front doors.
A Health shrine with Alliance Battle-style capture methods dominates a southern path between the side gates of the two bases. The Guild Thief counts as a party member for the purpose of capturing this shrine. The additional 120 maximum Health bestowed to every member of the shrine's controlling team makes combat difficult for spike builds. At VoD, a few Archers stay inside the walled area of the flag stand while others form up on lower ground south of the stand. Thus, players can shield themselves from Archer attacks by taking cover below the walls.

Isle of Wurms

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Isle of Wurms
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